Documentation and Authentication

Documentation and Authentication is an important part of the investment process and the project office set-up process. If you are a foreigner seeking to get documents authenticated in Ethiopia for business or non-business purposes; if you are part of the Ethiopian Diaspora and want to get documents authenticated in Ethiopia; if you are based in Ethiopia and would like to get documents notarized and authenticated, Eserve Consultancy for Business, Investment and Conveyances will guide you in documentation and authentication and help you achieve all these on behalf of you without your presence.

What we do:

  • We advise businesses seeking to invest or set-up a project office in Ethiopia what documents they need and how and where the documents can be authenticated.
  • We help businesses seeking to invest or set-up a project office in Ethiopia and get their documents authenticated without their presence; all you have to do is give us a power of attorney.
  • We help and advise foreigners or Ethiopians or Ethiopian born foreign nationals who seek to authenticate marital documents, birth certificates, title deeds, academic documents or any document that needs to be authenticated. You don’t even need to be present; we can do it with a power of attorney from you.

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