Office Rent and Lease Authentication

Please note that you need to have a physical address with authenticated lease agreement in order to have your business registered in the commercial register. Even though physical address is not necessary to secure the investment permit in case of branch office opening, it is to secure TIN (taxpayer’s identification number). We will facilitate office rent and lease authentication.

Eserve can assist you

  • In locating premises (office or warehouse) suitable for your business
  • In negotiating with the landlords/owners
  • In drawing up the lease/rent contract, in getting it translated (if and when necessary) and authenticated in the public notary office
  • In arranging warehouse/office renovation or modification if necessary
  • In furnishing your office
  • In securing water and electricity lines (if it has not already been provided)
  • In securing telephone land lines
  • In securing broadband internet

Office rent and lease authentication can be a stressful process; we, with our network and experience, will make the process less stressful for you!

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