Bank Account Facilitation and Capital Registration

There are nearly 20 commercial banks including the state owned and one of the biggest banks in East Africa, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. The National Bank of Ethiopia acts as a central bank. Development Bank of Ethiopia is for financing projects and investments. In the various stages of company registration, one has to deal with one of these banks. We at Eserve will help you deal with banks:

  • Investment permit for foreign investors – after submitting the investment application, you will be given a letter addressed to the National Bank so that you can have a foreign currency account. Also another letter to the commercial bank of your choice. We will help you save time, money and energy by guiding you to have a bank account, to transfer the minimum initial capital, to follow-up with the banks and then secure your investment permit.
  • Ethiopian Investors – opening a business account is easy provided you have the investment permit or the commercial registration and the business license. We coordinate the whole process so that you can avoid some hiccups here and there.
  • Loan from Development Bank – investors go to the development bank to secure loans. We coordinate the whole process so that you can secure the loan smoothly.

Capital repatriation is allowed for foreign investors. Your capital (in cash or in kind) has to be registered at the National Bank following the right procedures so that you will not face any problem later. We will get your capital registered at the National Bank of Ethiopia.

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