The Ethioservices Team

We are established to facilitate investment process, to do company registration, to conduct pre investment survey and market research, to register trade-mark, to carryout various activities for foreign and local companies who seek to invest in Ethiopia or study the Ethiopian market. We have the necessary licenses.

Ethioservices complies with strict standards of staff competence, service quality and safeguarding the clients´ interests.

We provide all the subsequent support required for the smooth operation and maintenance of the registered company. These support services include provision and locating premises for business address and office use, assistance with special licensing applications, provision of company management and administration services, bank account introductions, mail forwarding, custody of documents, preparation of corporate documentation, secretarial services and a range of further ancillary services.

Even though the statutory fees are not daunting, the related costs of travel, lodging, etc are. Whether it is acquiring investment permit or registering your trade mark, we can get it all without your presence. You just have to give us a power of attorney. Your costs will be cut by 60-70%.

Ethioservices is owned and managed by one of the co-founders of Ebiz Online Business Solutions PLC, which has developed and been marketing the successful Ethiopian Business Portal,

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