Company Setup in Ethiopia

We at Ethioservices are an experienced Ethiopian company registration and setup team offering complete company registration and setup services to suit a wide range of needs. Our services are designed to help foreign investors desiring to invest in Ethiopia. We will act as your agents during the setup process

Forming a new company or registering a branch office in Ethiopia is a convenient and simple process when using our services. Ethioservices provide the fastest service and the most economical pricing. Even though the statutory fees are not daunting, the related costs of travel, lodging, etc are. Whether it is acquiring investment permit or registering your business, we can get it all without your presence. You just have to give us a power of attorney. Your costs will be cut by 60-70%.

We offer complete registration service from company formation, investment license, all the way to acquiring business license.

If you wish to have information on the local market and the feasibility of the investment you’re planning, we will gather the necessary information, compile and send it to you. We will also inform you if the investment you’re planning is allowed for foreign investors.

And if you finally decide to invest in Ethiopia and the area/type of investment is allowed for foreign investors, we will  guide you through all the processes required and facilitate in acquiring:

  • Investment permit for newly formed companies
  • Investment permit for branch registration
  • Residence permit
  • Work permit
  • Tax registration
  • Duty free permit
  • Capital registration
  • Principal registration
  • Business license

You can give us a power of attorney to do some of the processes on your behalf and save on travel and hotel cost or if you want to come here, we will guide you and facilitate all so that your company would be up and running in no time.

And when you come here, we will:

  • Send you invitation letter so that you can get business visa
  • Arrange a mobile phone with local number
  • Arrange hotel/guest house booking at a convenient place and with your budget
  • Arrange air port pick up and taxi/car rent
  • Give you a desk with an internet connection for your laptop
  • Arrange a drive to the main industrial areas within 100 km radius of the capital city,  Addis Ababa
  • Arrange any other necessary thing requested by you

But before you start thinking of investing in Ethiopia, you need to know which areas are allowed for foreign investors and which ones are reserved for domestic investors; whether these areas qualify for tax holidays, etc. A good place to start would be here. If you need more clarification, you can contact us.

We would also help you find out answers to your questions regarding the range and scope of investments allowed for foreign investors in Ethiopia.

  • Recruitment Facilitation: we will help you in locating, interviewing and hiring local employees.


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